Multi-Play Structures

Maxi format fun with our selection of Play Towers and Playground Villages: play structures for parks ideal for outdoor play areas.

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Play is a right for all children: this is not only common sense, but also established by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Even children with physical or cognitive disabilities, like all others, must be guaranteed the opportunity to have fun with their peers by providing them with games that are suitable for use in complete safety and autonomy by anyone. Unfortunately, however, the most recent estimates indicate that in Italy, only one out of twenty playgrounds offers inclusive solutions that allow full accessibility for differently-abled children. In the absence of clear legislation on the matter, in recent years, the market has seen makeshift and sometimes discriminatory solutions, such as games specifically designed for disabled children. The range of games for parks offered by Giochipark aims to promote a culture of inclusivity that starts from early childhood, bringing all children together to share the time and space of play, regardless of individual abilities. Our catalog includes barrier-free villages and towers, colorful and enriched with tactile and sensory paths, suitable for all children. For the youngest ones, play is the main source of learning: by having fun with children with different abilities, each child learns the value of mutual respect and develops a sense of acceptance and appreciation for diversity, which is internalized as an opportunity for enrichment

Turrets and Villages for Playground: What can we make?

All playground games for children created by Giochipark are made with 100% certified and safe materials. Each of our structures, made of brightly painted laminated wood panels, is assembled with high-strength aluminum posts, steel bolts, and self-locking nuts to ensure maximum safety. But our commitment to ensuring the safety of young users does not end there: all edges and corners of our games are rounded to minimize the risk of accidental injuries and bruises; swing seats are made of aluminum coated with impact-resistant rubber; platform heights are designed to prevent serious injuries in case of falls. Ropes and cords are made of high-strength nylon that provides excellent grip during climbing. Finally, the polyethylene slides offer high thermal inertia for comfortable use in all seasons. Giochipark offers a wide selection of inclusive towers, with one or two slides, accessible via wooden ladders, climbing nets, or mini climbing walls with handholds. Each tower is equipped with a rotating tactile tic-tac-toe game to enhance children's manual and sensory skills. In larger models, it is also possible to install a swing. For maximum fun, Giochipark also offers a wide range of inclusive play villages, with various configurations to adapt to any type of playground. The simplest villages consist of towers, slides, swings, tunnels, and play panels; more complex structures also include fitness groups, benches, speaking tubes, inclined ramps, poles, railings, sound and manipulative panels: a comprehensive and all-round offer that meets the motor and sensory needs of every child!


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