A jump in the imagination together with our spring games for playground, rocking between horses, frogs and mice.

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In a respectable playground, spring rides are a must-have feature. Designed for the little ones but captivating for adults as well, these games have the power to ignite the imagination of every child. Thanks to wooden structures and a simple metal spring mechanism that provides support and combats signs of wear, the child who chooses these games will be catapulted into a magical world where they can ride fantastic and colorful animals. Alongside their friends, they will leap over enormous mountains to return home once the game is over.

The spring games of Giochipark

Giochipark specializes in producing a wide range of spring rides in every shape and size to bring smiles to every child. Made of metal and wood, these games are all certified according to European Union regulations, ensuring the reliability of the product and reassuring parents while their children have fun. Spring rides for parks can come in various forms, from classic rocking horse shapes to more elaborate designs resembling different animals such as frogs, squirrels, butterflies and more. There are also spring rides shaped like spaceships or pirate ships, as well as motorcycles for children who love speed, and carriages for little princesses who want to reach the grand ball. The seating options are also variable. There are single-seat spring rides that can be occupied by one child at a time, but there are also two-seater or multi-seater options. The two-seater spring rides resemble see-saws, but instead of going up and down, they have a bouncing motion. There are also multi-seater spring rides that allow children to interact through play, usually designed in a round shape to maximize space. Thanks to the different sizes and the countless animals and shapes that Giochipark's spring rides can take, it is possible to match these products to any type of playground. Even for aquatic-themed parks, marine-themed spring rides have been created, shaped like fish or ships to transport the child on a true pirate adventure. And what if you want to stick with the classics? Fear not, Giochipark has also thought about parks that want to respect nature by creating sustainable spring rides with simple lines to blend in with the surrounding environment.


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