Simy Slide

Slide h 150 cm in stainless steel and metal climbing ladder.

Simy Small Slide

Slide h 98 cm in stainless steel and metal climbing ladder.

Lol Slide

Slide h 100 cm in polyethylene with climbing panel.

Maignan Slide

Slide h 275 cm in polyethylene and metal climbing ladder.

Maignan Small Slide

Slide h 195 cm in polyethylene and metal climbing ladder.

Slide Tenerife

Slide h 134 cm in fibreglass and wood climbing ladder.

Slide Resina 400

Slide h170 cm in fibreglass and metal climbing ladder.

Slide Resina 300

Slide h 134 cm in fibreglass and metal climbing ladder

Slide Ocean

Curled slide h 134 cm in fibreglass and metal climbing ladder.

Mowgli Slide (Access Ladder)

No.1 slide 100 cm ht in polyethylene and 1 metal ladder

In every playground that reflects its essence, the slide is an essential element when creating an outdoor play space. The slide represents a timeless feature, as all of us have the desire to slide again, going back in time. With the arrival of sunny days, children's playgrounds begin to fill up, and finally, this is probably the most beautiful time of the day for your child. Indeed, enjoying the sunny days, laughing, and playing are a panacea for every child. Meeting other kids is a moment to socialize, learn new things, collaborate, and have fun. As we mentioned in the introduction, the slide plays a crucial role in the playground, and usually, children compete for either the slide or the swings. You will remember the numerous slides, climbs, or the swinging on the swing; these memories remain indelible. Regarding the slide, children usually compete to see who can go down faster, turning that simple element of the playground into a true source of entertainment. But besides providing amusement for the child, the slide is also a fundamental aid as it contributes to their growth by teaching a sense of distance (useful for improving balance), as well as speed, thus developing their motor skills.

Types of slides for playgrounds

The slide, extensively discussed earlier, is a playground element that can be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel and can come in various heights. The material used for its construction must be of good quality to ensure stability of the structure. In addition, there are panels and handles that provide greater support during play. Safety is paramount when it comes to children's games. The slide is also characterized by a ladder at the back to allow the child to reach the top of the slide. We offer customers a multitude of slide types suitable for every need, distinguished by different shapes, sizes, and structures, but always of excellent quality. There are slides for younger children with wide steps to ensure good stability, while for older and more daring children, there is a ladder. Increasing the difficulty can result in a noticeable improvement in the child's skills, making the structure never outdated. The shapes of the slides also vary, as there are curved, straight, and wavy ones. All the structures available have a certificate of compliance that attests to their adherence to current regulations. This is because the playground should be an environment characterized by fun and the complete absence of danger.


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