Our Technical / Quality Department gives you all the post-sell technical assistance including all the information about a correct maintenance during the time of our articles.

Wood’s features. Slits

Compared to the other materials such as steel and cement, what makes wood unique is the fact that it is an “alive material”. This means that, as time goes by, it is normally destined to undergone some transformations also due to specific environmental conditions ( dry climate, proximity to heat sources, etc.), showing sometimes some shrinkage slits that has absolutely not to be considered as faults or as results of a structural partitioning. All these features highlight wood’s charm and uniqueness.

Treatment of wood impregnated in autoclave

According to the DIN 68800 norms, our wood is planned and its rims and ends are rounded. After that, according to the EN 351 norms, it undergoes a process of RAL impregnation in autoclave through special chromeless and arsenicless salts, which fight against bugs and fungi. Wood is selected very carefully. In particular, there is the attempt of minimizing as far as possible slits and splinters that can be the subsequent result of a critical climate.

User Guide

Together with the supply of our articles ( Giochipark and OpenD collections), we hand out our User Guide. This handbook clearly provides all the information regarding the use and maintenance of each item showing its serial number, its certificates and its guarantee.

Assembly Schemes

The articles to be plugged in the ground (both for Giochipark and OpenD collections) are always supplied packaged and in assembly kit. These Assembly Schemes, given together with each article, identify all the steps to be followed to obtain the correct installation of all the items, starting from the predisposition of the ground (minimum space, impact area, holes, etc) up to the assembly of the structure.

Spare parts

As the time goes by, because of the normal usage, some restoration or maintenance interventions on the articles become necessary. You usually require a supply of some spare parts in order to fulfil them correctly and completely.


Requests for ‘replacement items/elements’ can only be made by sending a completed request form. Our After-Sales Service will examine the subject and content of the request and then notify you of the outcome. The general conditions can be found on the form itself. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted.

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