Fitness and sports are synonymous with commitment, joy, health, and well-being. Giochipark presents its line of fitness course equipment for public parks.

Keyword: being outdoors. What could be better than combining the opportunity to spend time outside the house while also engaging in physical activities?

Multifunctional Bench

n°1 Abs Bench; n°1 Step-up bench.

Vertical Knee Raise Station

n°1 Swedish Ladder; n. 2 armrests; 1 platform.

Parallel Bars (Metal)

n°2 horizontal bars.


Certified according to EN16630: 2015. Reinforcement of the abdominal and lumbar muscles, improving the flexibility and agility of the spine. Improvement of the hip joint. Good to improve the waist. Material: Galvanized and painted steel tube (gray/green color).

Rowing Machine

Certified according to EN16630: 2015. Primarily strengthens the dorsal musculature, as well as shoulders and biceps. Ideal for warming up before a joint training loads. Material: Galvanized and painted steel tube (gray/green color).

Chin-Up Exercise 2

No.4 vertical posts; No.3 horizontal bars.

Chin-Up Exercise

No.4 vertical posts; No.3 horizontal bars.

Balance Beam

No.1 horizontal beam; No.2 vertical supports.

Trunk Twist Exercise At a 90° Angle

n°1 pole; n°1 explanatory panel

Abdominal Bench

Certified according to EN16630: 2015. Improvement of the lumbar and abdominal muscles, the abdominal far consumption and productes a better picture. Material: Galvanized and painted steel tube (gray/green color).

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The equipment that can be installed for outdoor training closely replicates those found in a real gym, allowing you to create a functional space for performing exercises while immersing yourself in nature. The available equipment falls into two categories: wood or metal, and they can be used according to individual needs and the type of fitness activities you want to engage in.

The wooden products include a variety of signs for exercises involving both upper and lower body, such as pull-ups, rotations, obstacle overcoming, climbing, push-ups and stretching.

The metal equipment is more structured and includes items for bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, cycling, horse riding, rowing, hula hoop, abdominal benches, stretching and many others.

Using professional and high-quality tools ensures a comprehensive outdoor workout that benefits the body in every aspect.

Outdoor Fitness: All the Benefits

Outdoor training has become increasingly popular in recent years. Exercising in this context, in contact with nature, is truly valuable for your health.

The first benefit concerns the respiratory system. Fresh and clean air in untouched spaces allows for better oxygenation, benefiting the cardiovascular system, and enhancing overall bodily functions. Another valuable aid comes from vitamin D, which is produced through exposure to sunlight. Its contribution helps strengthen the skeletal system and joints, as well as boosting the immune system, our defense against viruses and diseases


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