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Details make the difference, especially in well-designed and managed urban environment. Bollards, bicycle stands, flowerpots and shelters: street furniture has a functional role but also contributes greatly to a city’s overall design aesthetic.

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Every detail can make a difference as long as it is inserted in a well-studied and coherent context. Deterrents, bike racks, flower pots, canopies: every piece of urban furniture, besides being functional, is also important for the overall aesthetic arrangement of the city. The hallmark of our company is the attention to the aesthetic harmony of urban spaces to inhabit. Furnishing, embellishing, and stylishly optimizing the outdoor environments of cities is an art that requires not only a deep knowledge of materials and construction techniques but also an indispensable possession of aesthetic taste, supporting and enhancing the inherent relationship between beauty and functionality in urban architecture. The furniture accessories we produce, sell, and install are distinguished by innovative design and high-quality materials used to create outdoor furnishing solutions that are coherent with the city atmosphere. Our aim is the enhancement and requalification of the city through creative and functional installations that promote a better use of common spaces. We take care of every phase of the ideation, production, and sale process, ensuring efficient service while respecting the architectural characteristics of urban environments and existing regulations. Our offering includes numerous accessories that boast a variety of shapes, prestigious materials, refined elements, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure a unique and pleasant image of urban spaces. Thanks to their variable dimensions, they can maximize the available space for various applications and needs. Squares, avenues, parks can be enriched with products that serve the needs of urban life while also expressing the identity and value of each individual city. Attention to practicality, without forgetting the importance of the visual aspect of urban services, allows for the creation of comfortable environments that improve the quality of life, increasing the positive impact on those who experience the city, making it original and welcoming.

Which products do we make for urban furniture?

The rich variety of urban furnishings represents one of our strengths. The catalog includes bollards, bike racks, planters, canopies, and barriers, but these are just some of the solutions offered and proudly signed by the 'Made in Italy' of our company. Bollards, by delineating areas such as bike lanes, pedestrian paths, squares and avenues, are a fundamental element of urban design and can be produced in various sizes and shapes, either slender or more robust depending on the needs. Similarly, bike racks, planters, as well as ashtrays and billboards, can vary in style and size to best fit the area they will occupy. Each of them enhances the usefulness and practicality of the outdoor environment while uniquely enriching the aesthetics of the place, providing a sense of elegance and order to the city. Complements made of high-quality steel, concrete, wood, and aluminum ensure durability to urban furnishings, harmoniously adapting to every area that requires an enhancement and functional optimization of space. Our passion for urban furnishings drives us towards a constant redesign of the models available to the public, aiming to offer increasingly innovative solutions in a highly competitive market. Our greatest interest is to bring substantial improvements to urban areas and create cities embellished with these ingenious furnishing solutions. The focus on the environment and functionality of urban living spaces is crucial. That's why we redefine the silhouette of the urban area, making it harmonious and practical. That's why our catalog is constantly evolving and always presents new solutions: discover all our creations right now.


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