Can I buy directly from you?

Yes, you can buy directly from us. In addition, our Sales Network, in Italy and abroad, consists of high-profile Agents, Dealers and Resellers who, in addition to taking care of the supply of articles, offer services with the highest competence for all pre- and post-sales needs (design, installation and maintenance).

On what kind of surface can the games be installed?

Our products can be installed on all types of surfaces (lawn, earth, sand, rubber flooring), provided that the surface where they will be installed complies with EN1176.

Can your products be purchased by a private individual?

Yes, all our articles can be purchased by both public and private customers.

Are you present on M.E.P.A?

Our company is present on the MEPA, the Electronic Marketplace for Public Administration, you can view the desired items by accessing the following link: http://mepa.dimogroup.com/

Assembly instructions, where can I find them?

The assembly diagrams, supplied with the equipment, indicate the steps to be followed for proper installation of the equipment, starting with the preparation of the ground (minimum space, impact area, holes, etc.) and ending with the assembly of the structures.

Are the games certified?

Yes, all our playground equipment products are certified according to European Standard EN 1176.

In addition, our street furniture products comply with the UNI 11306 standard.

Does the company provide after-sales service?

We reserve the utmost professionalism for you with our After-Sales Service (by contacting the following e-mail address: tecnico@dimogroup.com), to which you can turn for any problems with our articles.

Do games have a warranty?

Our thoroughness, combined with the use of top quality materials, allows us to issue the following guarantees:

  • HPL laminates: 10 years
  • Supporting structure in autoclave-treated pine: 5 years
  • Polyethylene panels (PEHD): 5 years
  • Other materials: 2 years

The guarantee includes the free supply of spare parts in the event of manufacturing defects, defects in the material supplied or breakages caused by the same. The guarantee does not cover discolouration of certain UV-exposed components such as HPL panels, painted parts, etc.
The warranty conditions can be found in the supplied “User Guide”. This Guide is a necessary means for correct installation, as well as a valid document for recognising the effectiveness of the guarantee itself.

Delivery time

Normally, the expected delivery time for receipt of the order is about 20 working days.
The aforementioned timeframe, however, may vary depending on the type of supply and the period of the order. Therefore, this timeframe will be calculated and communicated to the customer during the quotation phase.

Is the hardware kit included?

Yes, the hardware kit is included for all items supplied.

What are inclusive playgrounds?

The playground has always represented a place of sharing and fun for all children. This is why our company has created the Community line, a range of items designed and manufactured to ensure inclusive playgrounds, i.e. accessible to both disabled users and children of all abilities.

What are the age limits for using the games?

All our toys, in compliance with the European norm UNI EN 1176, can be used by children of different age groups. In this catalogue, the recommended age of use for each individual toy is easily identifiable (this indication is also shown on special plates attached to the equipment).

Do you design customised playgrounds?

Thanks to the experience and expertise gained over the years, our company is able to provide the most appropriate design solutions for all kinds of requests, both public and private.

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