“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride! Except using it in our routes to improve your skills.”

Hairpin Turn

N°1 platform; N°2 vertical; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°2 horizontal beams; N°2 vertical tubular; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°1 platform; N°1 Dibond® panel.

Slalom H 50

N°6 vertical poles; N°1 Dibond® panel.

Slalom H 150

N°6 vertical poles; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°4 poles; N°2 inclined platforms; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°6 vertical poles; N°3 inclined beams; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°4 poles; N°4 inclined platforms; N°1 Dibond® panel.


N°1 wavy platform; N°1 Dibond® panel.


In accordance with the European Standard EN 1176. Structure made of Northern pine wood pressure treated with non-toxic salts. Components: N°4 platforms dim. cm 50 x 250 realized with planks section cm 9 x 3,5; N°3 triangular platforms realized with planks section cm 9 x 3,5; N°2 inclined platforms realized with planks section cm 9Scopri di più…

What cyclocross equipment can we create?

Our team specializes in the production and sale of various types of fitness equipment. We also create cyclocross equipment using wood and metal as the preferred materials for their construction. The paths are designed to allow cyclists or enthusiasts to improve their skills and keep themselves in constant training.

Most of the equipment we create reproduces slalom circuits and various types and shapes of ramps, from crossroads to elevated curves, all to ensure a unique and professional cyclocross experience. All products in our store comply with the European Standard EN 1176 and are made from impregnated Nordic pine wood with non-toxic salts.

Giochipark's cyclocross equipment is also ideal for integration into permanent paths or for creating new ones. The materials used are of high quality, allowing the equipment to withstand weather conditions and wear.

Cyclocross: What it is and where it is practiced

Bicycle racing has undergone significant evolution in recent years and cyclocross racing is a prime example.

It is a race based on the cyclist's speed, dexterity, and physical endurance, requiring considerable commitment. Cyclocross circuits are short but packed with obstacles, climbs, ramps and various terrains (such as muddy and sandy surfaces) that make the race extremely interesting. Notably, cyclocross is a hybrid race that combines road and off-road cycling. Unlike road cycling, cyclocross is practiced on very heavy terrains. The race duration is shorter but often more exhausting due to the unique characteristics of the circuit.

Cyclocross, therefore, must be practiced on specific paths, which are created using various types of equipment. Cyclists often have to dismount their bikes to complete specific parts of the route, which sets this sport apart from any other bike race. Cyclists need to dismount and run, carrying their bikes on their shoulders. Managing the bike is the central aspect around which the entire sense of the race revolves: only the most skilled, fast, and agile cyclists can finish the circuit first.


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