Dog Agility Equipment

Agility Dog route, an outdoor activity to strengthen the bond with our four-legged friends.

Games for dogs are a fundamental tool, and those belonging to the category of Agility Dog serve a dual purpose: to entertain the four-legged friend and strengthen the bond with its owner.


Structure made of 2 circular cylindrical parts realized in fiberglass with high-density multiple coloured layers of resin and 2 decorative panels, as entry and exit point, in multi-layer birch wood glued with phenol formaldehyde resin with non-slip knurled surface and finished with a coloured overlay film in both sides. Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steelScopri di più…

Curved Tunnel

N°2 curved cylindrical parts; N°2 panels.

Walk Ramp

N°1 horizontal ramp; N°2 inclined ramps; N°4 timber poles.


N°3 hurdles; N°2 poles.

Slalom H 120

Dog Agility weave poles. Structure made of glued laminated pine timber pressure treated with non-toxic salts. Components: 6 vertical poles placed in a row at an appropriate distance. Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and self- locking nuts. Coloured nylon cap nuts as required by law. Pole caps in polyethylene. Overall dimensions: cm 950Scopri di più…


The structure consists of a plank cm 30 x 250 in multi-layer birch wood glued with phenol formaldehyde resin with non-slip knurled surface and finished with a coloured overlay film in both sides, mounted on a central bracket made of Nordic Pine wood pressure treated with non-toxic salts with an oval section cm 10 xScopri di più…


N°2 ramps; N°4 timber poles.

Mini A-Frame

N°2 platforms; N°4 timber poles.

Small Pause Table

N°1 platform; N°4 timber poles.

Big Pause Table

N°1 platform; N°4 timber poles.

Agility Dog games, what are they for?

Agility Dog games serve to provide a series of obstacles that precisely stimulate the dog to perform actions directed by its human friend.

For example, in the slalom route, the dog's owner simply encourages the dog to navigate through various obstacles without touching them, using simple commands: in this way, the dog effectively learns how to behave and follow the given instructions.

Furthermore, this category of games allows the dog to engage in both physical and mental activities since its brain is significantly stimulated during the exercises performed through these games.

Each of these games has an additional important task, which is to make the physical activity for the dog unique. The various structures aim to transform outdoor activities into enjoyable moments for the dog, leaving it pleased with the game being carried out.

Agility Dog, what are the games that can be played?

There are numerous games that can be practiced in Agility Dog, such as the "Up and Down Platform," which enables the owner to give two specific commands: to climb up and down from a surface.

At the same time, by instructing the dog to stay still on the central platform, it learns to obey this command and refrain from taking other actions not requested at that precise moment.

The tunnel is another example, allowing the dog to be agile while learning another crucial command: to follow its owner's voice and avoid changing the route suddenly.

Each game, therefore, serves its specific purpose, and it is up to the dog's owner to determine the type of activities and commands that their four-legged friend should learn.


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