Various Products

Trains, boats, cable cars and children’s houses: all the nuances of outdoor games for children, in the playground signed Giochipark.

Anti-Shock Floor

50×50 cm and 50×100 cm tiles of various thicknesses (see table)

Pitagora Set

N°1 table; N°2 benches with backrest.

Beethoven Xilophone

Inclusive sound manipulative panel

Chopin Drum

Inclusive sound manipulative panel

Week-End Light Table

n°1 table; n°2 folding benches.

Time Sensory Panel

Inclusive playground sensory panel.

Supercar Sensory Panel

Inclusive playground sensory panel.

Snack Sensory Panel

Inclusive playground sensory panel.

Newton Sensory Panel

Inclusive playground sensory panel.

Ecology Sensory Panel

Inclusive playground sensory panel.

Many cities have abandoned, forgotten places with untapped potential. Our goal is to restore value and identity to those green areas of the city that need a touch of creativity and functionality to shine again. In order to offer citizens skillfully designed oases of relaxation and well-being, there are multiple urban furnishings that can be chosen to adorn the environment, making it both comfortable and efficient. Urban furniture becomes part of the environment and gains an added value of sharing. Our solutions are an integral part of the design of new urban areas. Good space planning can enhance the aesthetics of a city, but above all, the quality of the citizens who inhabit it. To reclaim an area and make it consistent and harmonious with the city context, it is important to consider the actual physical space and the atmosphere that one wants to offer to the inhabitants. To do this, studying the design of the furnishings and the quality of the materials intended for use is fundamental to ensure durability and resistance to use. The elements in our catalog assume an identity based on the environment in which they are placed: they contribute to determining the image and pleasantness of an urban area that is useful but also aesthetically satisfying. In this section, there are some of the furnishings suitable for creating a children's playground and public parks, including benches, panels, picnic tables and huts, notice boards, and fences to delimit the recreational area.

Which outdoor products and accessories do we produce for parks?

Our catalog is continuously updated to keep up with the evolving demands of the market and to offer satisfying solutions adaptable to various city contexts. Picnic tables for green areas and parks are available in various sizes and materials, from wood to steel, including monoblock solutions with benches and backrests. Fences and planters are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment, delimiting the area and adorning the spaces with simplicity. Additionally, signage, signs, and notice boards inform users of the presence of the recreational area, coordinating with the structures present in the specific space. The highlight is the children's playground equipment, accessories designed to be safe, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. Templates and shapes are constantly updated, designs and decorations are periodically renewed to ensure a wide range of options. Our catalog ranges from comfortable benches for children to wooden huts, cabins, sensory panels, footbridges, sandboxes, and more. The vibrant colors bring life to the garden, and the safety of the little ones is always a top priority thanks to playful accessories with rounded edges, ergonomic designs and comfort. Recreational tables, little theaters, tunnels, ships, and trains are specifically designed to allow children to have fun and entertain themselves in urban spaces specifically designated as playgrounds. These products cater to various age groups, and structures such as shelters with roofs and benches create moments of relaxation for accompanying adults as well. Our goal is to make the area accessible to the entire community, not only to increase the value and prestige of the territory, but above all to meet the needs of those who live in the city and provide moments of serenity and well-being.


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