We manufacture benches in a variety of styles, shapes and colours that perfectly fit into all urban environment. We believe that public spaces are to be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why we also offer benches that have been specially designed to support full inclusivity.

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Benches are one of the most well-known urban furnishings used to decorate public spaces in cities. Think back to the benches of your childhood and adolescence, and surely a few will come to mind. But do you remember the bench itself? No, you remember the experience, a specific moment in life: sitting and listening to music, admiring the landscape, eagerly waiting for someone, reading a book, taking a moment to relax after a run. A bench can also be a carefree meeting place, where you can meet friends and chat peacefully, ideal for taking a break from the typical hectic city life. In the urban context, benches have acquired a highly subjective character and, as the most widespread furnishing accessory, they are essential in squares, avenues, parks, green areas, and public spaces. The important aspect in choosing the design, materials, and fixing location is that they harmonize with the surrounding environment. For this reason, we have specifically created models that can be easily adapted to any location, ensuring harmony with the urban atmosphere. Thanks to the wide range of available solutions, we offer both refined additions and more classic and traditional models: every place has its own bench. Whether it's historical centers or more modern and minimalistic environments, the area should always suggest the ideal atmosphere and the design of the product to be incorporated. The bench materials can vary, from wood to stainless steel to high-quality aluminum, ensuring a long lifespan, protection against weather conditions and wear, for a beauty that lasts over time.

We make benches for every urban context and for every needs

Benches with a wooden and steel structure, for example, are appropriately treated to withstand various weather conditions and are the ideal choice if you want to perfectly harmonize the furnishing accessory with the surrounding green area, thanks to the use of wood as a completely natural material. On the other hand, benches made of steel with more refined shapes give the environment a minimalist and strongly modern look, making them suitable for more innovative locations with recent architectural structures. Additionally, being outdoor furniture made of metal, these benches guarantee long-term preservation and require less maintenance, which is advantageous. It is also important to consider that the aesthetic design of the bench can depart from traditional forms in order to create a true design masterpiece that contributes to enhancing the added value of the urban area. Consisting of a seat and a backrest, benches can be structured in various solutions. Some designs can even be backless, creating a visually appealing product that is in harmony with the specific location where it will be placed. It is important that the furnishings are designed to provide comfortable and convenient services to citizens, with the aim of making every space usable and enjoyable in the best possible way. In conclusion, benches are a furnishing accessory that, in addition to their undeniable functionality, can also become a design element to admire and capture the attention of city dwellers, enriching the city's identity and its territorial value. Our catalog is filled with ideas and offers solutions tailored to every need. It is ready to meet all requirements for any urban context. Discover our models!


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