Inclusive Playground Equipment

Children must be able to play in a no structural barrier environment. Thus, it is for us of paramount importance creating such playgrounds.

We believe that play spaces are to be enjoyed by everyone, that’s why we project completely safe and absolutely functional playgrounds.

We guarantee a wide range of playground equipment that allows all kids to enjoy playing together, no matter what their eventual physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

In compliance with the European Standards in force, all our inclusive play equipment is accessible. It can therefore be used by children of all ages and abilities and encourages them to interact with each other.

Dimo Group’s philosophy supports social integration through play. We want to fight against marginalization and ghettoization by creating fully inclusive and child friendly play spaces.

Peer interactions in a well-designed and safe environment are important for children because they lead to the development of positive relationships, acceptance and friendships that promote positive social and emotional development.

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