Energy, rhythm, carefree: a fun ride with the Giochipark line of roundabouts for playground.

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The playground is the realm of the little ones, where they can have fun and play with their friends or experience new and exciting adventures. To make the play area enjoyable and accessible, amusement rides are essential, as their rotating motion brings joy to children. Children's rides must meet certain requirements: accessibility, safety, construction quality and design.

Roundabouts for playgrounds: pure fun

To set up a playground that is accessible to everyone and guarantees maximum fun, Giochipark produces modern-designed, high-quality rotating rides for children. The structures are made of lightweight and durable materials that do not deteriorate over time and are particularly suitable for outdoor installations. Giochipark's rotating rides are equipped with safety devices, handlebars, edge-free elements, and lowered platforms to ensure children's complete safety and prevent any falls or accidents.

Inclusive rides for children

Giochipark's rotating rides are designed to ensure full accessibility and usability for all children, including those with physical disabilities who want to have fun with their friends. The lowered platforms facilitate access, and the spaces inside the rides have been designed to provide complete freedom of movement, without any obstacles that could hinder the play and enjoyment of all children. Giochipark's inclusive rotating rides allow wheelchair access and other aids, and for added safety, there are several handrails to provide a firm and secure grip for children during rotation. Before being marketed, all Giochipark rides undergo rigorous safety checks to verify the proper functioning of the rotation system and their resistance to continuous stresses caused by children.

Models of rotating rides: modern design and comfort

The rides designed by Giochipark stand out for their sturdiness, durability, and safety, while also being designed to stylishly decorate and enhance every playground. The design of the rotating rides is modern, minimalistic, and functional, while the chosen colors are bright and vibrant (yellow, red, green, orange) to make the play area even more enjoyable. Giochipark offers various models of rotating rides: some are characterized by simplicity and do not have seats; there is only the rotation system and safety devices, suitable for minimalistic-style playgrounds. For those who prefer to provide fun and comfort to children, some models of rotating rides are equipped with seats or sofas capable of accommodating multiple people. Giochipark designs rotating rides for very young children by choosing a less minimalist design and opting for seats shaped like animals, capturing the attention of the little ones.


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