Climbing Units

The Giochipark range of multi-game structures and outdoor gyms. A 360-degree journey into adventure: slides for children, climbing, swings, games for parks that smell of fantasy!

Climbing Structure K2

N°1 horizontal climbing; N°1 curved path; N°1 curved climbing structure; N°1 balance climbing; N°1 balance path; N°4 starting/arrival platforms;

Climbing Structure Falcon

N°1 climbing wall; N°1 climbing nylon rope; N°1 climbing higher curve; N°1 swedish ladder; N°1 vertical ladder; N° 1 rope vertical ladder.

Climbing Structure Makalu

N°1 horizontal climbing; °1 curved path; N°1 curved climbing structure; N°5 ropes; N°3 starting/arrival platforms; N°3 stabilizer rods.

Climbing Structure Trivor

N°1 curved climbing structure; N°5 ropes; N°2 starting/arrival platforms; N°2 stabilizer rods.

Climbing Structure Jenetix

N°1 climbing wall; N°1 climbing nylon rope net; N°1 climbing higher curve; N°1 Swedish ladder.

Climbing Net Spider

Reinforced rope pyramid.

Climbing Net Venom

Reinforced rope pyramid.

Climbing Net Stella

n°2 climbing nets.

Play Structure Sissy

n°1 climbing net; n°2 poles; n°1 set climbing bars; n°2 horizontal bars; n°1 trapeze.

Play Structure Oklahoma

n°1 climbing net; n°1 rope; n°2 horizontal bars; n°1 couple of rings; n°1 set of climbing bars; n°1 perch.

The structures designed by Giochipark are conceived, studied, and built so that all children can use them. Many of them are inclusive, which means that access to these playgrounds is guaranteed even for younger children with motor limitations or developmental delays. The opportunity given by Giochipark to eliminate differences makes these playgrounds inclusive, as well as functional and safe. The outdoor playsets, which are part of the proposed multi-game structures, are indeed built according to high safety standards and implement the necessary precautions to ensure that there are no sharp edges, slippery parts, or other elements that could harm children. All the constructions comply with current regulations and can be used by children of different age groups. Both in the catalog and on the playset after installation, you can easily find the recommended age for that specific game.

Gym for children’s playground

Giochipark boasts a rich catalog for every type of amusement park game. The section dedicated to playgrounds is no exception, offering solutions for all tastes and for individual or multiple children to play at the same time. Among the solutions are climbing nets, both linear and double or pyramid-shaped, to make children feel like little Spidermen. Very beautiful and original are the playgrounds where the colorful walls have resin handholds for children to grasp and simulate climbing. The catalog also includes various types of gymnastic sets to train future athletes. A highly scenic attraction that enhances urban decor is undoubtedly a solution that combines various elements. This creates a fun place where children can gather, play, interact, and socialize outdoors. However, Giochipark also offers targeted consulting and design services to satisfy the customer. Just provide the dimensions of the available space, and the company's experts will help you find the most suitable elements, taking into account your budget. Afterwards, you will be presented with a 3D graphic solution, including a quote for supply and installation. By working with care and dedication, Giochipark excels in satisfying every request, both in the public and private sectors.


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