Pigalle Double Litter Bin (RAL 7011-9006)

Galvanized and painted basket with roof
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Pigalle Double Litter Bin (RAL 7011-9006).
It consists of one supporting tubular steel round post Ø 60 mm and 135 cm height, for ground anchoring system. It is equipped with two roof tops made of pressed steel sheet 6 mm thick, connected to the bin through ornamental shaped motifs 6 mm thick. Ornamental cap-post in cast iron. Two ornamental modules 6 mm thick at the bottom part of the bins, giving additional support to them. Bins cylindrical in shape made of painted electro galvanized steel sheet with geometrical motifs. Emptying system by unhooking and tilting with the aid of an Allen wrench, supplied. Fully galvanized. Powder coating at 180°C.