Funny Roundabout

Carousel with seat and wooden platform.
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Certified by the German TÜV - SÜD Product Service Institute according to the European Standard in force EN 1176.
The load bearing structure is made of a round electro galvanized steel plate dim. Ø 50 cm and of a central electro galvanized steel tube Ø 9 cm. No.1 film coated multi-layer birch wood platform (CARPLY), with non-slip knurled surface, on which is installed a curved bench with a structure made of painted galvanized steel and seats in multi-layer okoume mahogany wood glued with phenol formaldehyde resin pantographed without sharp edges. Treatment with non-toxic high-coloured penetrating stain and finishing with wax based impregnating varnish, water dilutable. N°1 central handlebar made of film coated multi-layer birch wood panel (CARPLY). The rotation system consists in roller bearings. Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and self- locking nuts. Coloured nylon cap nuts as required by law. Baked finishing at 180°C.