Atlanta Play Structure

N°1 climbing wall; N°1 climbing nylon; N°1 rope ladder; N°1 pair of steel rings; N°1 Swedish ladder.
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Certified by the German TÜV – SÜD Product Service Institute according to the European Standard in force EN 1176.
Structure made of posts in aluminium alloy EN AW 6060.
Components: N°1 climbing wall in coloured polyethylene (PEHD), pantographed without sharp edges and with handholds in composite coloured resin and quartz powder; N°1 climbing nylon rope net with steel wire armoured core and coloured nylon junctions; N°1 rope ladder with reinforced plastic rungs and ropes with steel core; N°1 pair of steel rings, with non-slip plastic coating and supported by hot dipped galvanized and welded small mesh chains; N°1 Swedish ladder with coloured parallel bars in painted galvanized steel.
Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and self- locking nuts. Coloured nylon cap nuts as required by law. Baked finishing at 180°C. Polyethylene post caps. Hot-dip galvanized steel brackets for ground anchoring system.