Mery Swing | 953

With bird nest seat

Technical Data

Certified by the German TV SD Product Service Institute according to the European Standard in force EN 1176.
Structure made of one upper tubular beam in coloured galvanized steel 89 mm connected through appropriate sheet metal joints 30/10 to 4 posts in aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 section 90x90 mm; No. 2 stratified bilaminate HPL decorative panels are applied at bothe ends of the beam. The oscillation mechanism is allowed through robust stainless-steel joints equipped with premium roller bearings. No.1 bird nest seat dim. 100 cm composed of colored synthetic woven ropes and reinforced with stainless steel core, available with hot dipped galvanized small mesh chains, connected to the beam trough a double fixings. Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and self-locking nuts. Colored nylon cap nuts as required by law. Polyethylene post caps. Polyester powder coating at 180C. with very high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Hot-dip galvanized steel brackets for ground anchoring system.

  • Weight Max: kg 29
  • Length Max: 215 cm
  • Assembly Time: 2 h
  • Fall Height: 147 cm
  • Age: 3-12 years old
  • Overall Dimension: 185x265x240 h cm
  • Number of Users: 3
  • Space Min: 750x565 cm
  • Impact area: 15,00 mq

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