By contacting our Project Servicesit will be enough to have an approximate plan of your area and we will be able to determine with you how your playground should be conceived: by considering age group, different types of equipment and furnishings, safety surfaces, budgets etc.
At this stage a specific design solution will be developed (in 2D or in 3D View) accompanied by an analytical offer for the supply and installation of the selected items.
A proper installation of our equipment certainly aids in preventing young users from any future risks.
Giochipark staff and its highly experienced sales agents are able to provide assembly and installation services of equipment with great efficiency and rapidity over the entire national territory.
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions will be provided, in order to ensure equipment’s durability.
European Standard EN 1176-7 specifies that these interventions shall be performed only by trained and experienced personnel, following the producer’s
indications. As for the installation service, also for maintenance services, Giochipark staff and its highly experienced sales agents are able to perform the
maintenance services of the equipment throughout the country with great efficiency and rapidity.
Competence, professionalism and a touch of creativity are required in order to project a completely safe and absolutely functional playground.
Thanks to its consolidated experience acquired over the years, Giochipark realises the most appropriate solutions for every kind of private or public customer.
A very attentive study of the ground and its morphological features are the most relevant aspects which Giochipark’s team takes into consideration before starting any initial project.
For every single project we provide a planimetry, specifying the minimum area required and the type of surfacing to be used (as recommended by the European Standard EN 1177 Standard), as well as a three-dimensional view,  necessary for a complete understanding of the project.