Swing Tobia

2 seats spring swing
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Certified according to European Standard EN 1176 by TÜV – German Product Service Institute.
Made of northern pine impregnated in autoclave with non-toxic salts. List of the parts:
N° 1 swinging girder made of a plank cm. 16 x 6 sect. provided with two chairs with handles in round, hot galvanized steel tube varnished at 180° in a kiln characterized by shapes that represent the head of a small horse. Swinging system by a strong fulcrum mechanism in zinc plated steel varnished in kiln at 180°C, and bearings in teflon. N. 2 steel spring varnished in a kiln, homologated and supplied with an anti-finger-cracking system. At both sides of the central trestle.
Assembled by zinc plated steel bolts 8.8 and self-locking nuts. Nut covering elements in coloured nylon according to the standards.