Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

For a child, enjoying hours of carefree fun and play in a colourful world is intrinsic to a well-lived life! We offer a wide range of playground equipment, everything you need to create a safe beautiful outdoor space.

Games for public parks

Playing is an innate form of childhood pedagogy, through which children can learn the basic rules of social and civic living. Based on this motivation, the playground games designed and created by us pursue a clear and specific objective: to provide fun for all children in complete safety, allowing anyone equal access to each play area, thus facilitating integration with others, promoting self-confidence. By being part of a suitable and welcoming recreational context, children in playgrounds can engage and develop their imagination independently, while simultaneously learning the rules of social life (such as respect and manners) and spontaneously accepting anyone who shows a desire to participate within the microcosm of play. The design of playground games primarily responds to these needs by studying the best ways to integrate the structure into the existing environment, ensure children's accessibility to the play area and facilitate interaction among different players.

Playground for children: study and the development

The practical development of the project impacts the physical structure of the game itself, the assembly methods, positioning, and installation. All the playground games featured in the catalog are exclusively made with certified and non-toxic materials. They provide easy access, have proportions suitable for accommodating multiple players simultaneously, and also take into account the minimum margin and maneuvering spaces required by law. The design study pays close attention to the smallest detail, and the final result is an outdoor playground of undeniable aesthetic appeal, with colorful and captivating design, characterized by high quality, excellent craftsmanship, and guaranteed safety. Playgrounds of this kind also have anthropological implications, as they act on an emotional level for all those who use the recreational space. Not only will children develop independence and autonomy, feeling protected within this special comfort zone, but even parents can enjoy a moment of relaxation, peacefully experiencing their child's playtime. To further facilitate this push for autonomy and detachment from the parental figure, the playground games are designed to ensure easy access for every child, including those who require accessible paths, passages and entrances.

What are the playground games we can make

The types of playground games we deal with range from the simplest and traditional models, consisting of a single element, to more complex setups where different types of play elements are assembled together and integrated into multiple structures like villages, towers, or gyms. The design process is preceded by a feasibility assessment of the playground, which includes dimensional and proportional verification of the space required for installation, as well as evaluation of the necessary flooring and anchoring to ensure maximum stability and durability over time. Our catalog offers a wide range of options, satisfying almost every request. Within the realm of traditional playground games, you can choose from slides, rotating or spring-based carousels, swings, and seesaws, as well as sandboxes and Huts of various types, shapes and sizes. Each individual element of the children’s playground can be complemented with additional details, customized upon request or combined with other play elements.

Customized of playground games

Variations in standard sizes, customization of colors and decorative details are possible. For some playground games (such as slides and carousels), it will be possible to choose the construction materials, height, and type of climbing ladder. Additional features like towers, tunnels and huts cam be added to make the fun even more enticing. Playground games designed as villages, as well as climbing gyms and playsets, require more complex design considerations that evaluate each individual component that will complete the set. Since these games are typically commissioned for communal, shared, or public spaces, they require meticulous technical assessments that take into account the potentially large number of children present in the play area at the same time. For these structures, which are generally of significant size, factors such as load resistance and impact are considered. They are treated with special paints and finishes to protect them from wear caused by weather conditions and heavy use. Therefore, there are countless different solutions available, just as there are countless children’s playground.


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