MEPA MEPA Product 3202-A
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Cyclocross - Chicane.
In accordance with the European Standard EN 1176.
Structure made of Northern pine wood pressure treated with non-toxic salts. Components: No.10 poles section cm 9 x 9 connected to each other through No. 8 beams section cm 11 x 4,5. No. 1 DibondĀ® aluminium panel 3 mm thick dim. 33 x 41 cm on which a representative image and the name of the station in different languages are printed. The panel is supported by a glued laminated timber pole section cm 7 x 7 and 250 cm heigh for ground anchoring system. Assembly system with 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and self- locking nuts.
Coloured nylon nut caps as required by law. Polyethylene pole caps.
Overall dimensions: cm 575 x 560 x 108 h