Outdoor exercise helps with both physical and mental health. Our wide range of outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical abilities. We also offer a range of dog agility equipment because even pets love to exercise and play!

Engaging in outdoor physical activity is beneficial for both physical health and mental well-being. Our line of fitness equipment for parks is designed to cater to various difficulty levels and meet the needs of everyone, including those who want to exercise alongside their four-legged friend!

To equip an area dedicated to outdoor sports, Giochipark designs and manufactures sports equipment for public parks that are known for their high technical performance, functionality, and innovative design. The fitness equipment is durable, features a contemporary design, and easily fits into any urban area.

Fitness equipment

In a green public park, you can create a truly fun and exciting fitness trail for both athletes and beginners simply by installing Giochipark equipment. To create an outdoor fitness trail, fitness equipment is truly the solution as it takes up minimal space and blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature, mainly composed of pine wood elements. Giochipark equipment is designed to make physical activity easier and more interactive, suitable for both adults and children. Each piece of equipment in the fitness trail is accompanied by an instructional signboard, explaining the exercises for each station, repetitions, and providing useful tips for those new to outdoor activities. Based on the size of the public park and its users, various equipment options can be chosen, such as slalom, trunk flexion, inclined bench, arm and leg stretching, parallel bars, and many more. All Giochipark sports equipment is built with high-quality materials capable of withstanding weather conditions and continuous use. The instructional signboards also specify the weight capacity of the different equipment pieces.

Playground with fitness equipment area

To create a dedicated sports area within a public park, Giochipark offers a selection of outdoor gym equipment designed and built specifically for outdoor installations. The gym equipment is adjustable to different heights, ensuring maximum comfort in any position. The construction materials used for the gym equipment are of the highest quality, providing users with safety and durability during each movement. Giochipark offers a range of top-quality fitness equipment, including stationary bikes, rowing machines, cross-country skiers, hula hoops, leg stretchers, and abdominal benches.To further enhance the fitness area, calisthenics equipment is also available, consisting of various bars positioned at different heights, allowing both adults and children to climb and exercise using this fun equipment.With Giochipark's innovative design equipment, not only does it promote physical activity, but it also enhances and decorates any public area, including beaches or urban parks. To encourage socializing and sharing, some fitness trail equipment or gym apparatuses feature double seating, allowing people to exercise together.

Creating an outdoor public gym with Giochipark equipment is the ideal solution to revitalize unused, degraded, or vacant areas or to provide the community with a space to improve physical fitness and mental well-being.


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