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Swinging girder with 2 chairs
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Certified according to European Standard EN 1176 by TÜV – German Product Service Institute. Made entirely of northern pine impregnated in autoclave with non-toxic salts.

Swinging girder with round section Ø 100 mm provided with two chairs with handles in round, hot galvanized  steel tube varnished in kiln at 180°C, and representing the head of a small horse. Central trestle in hot galvanized  steel varnished in kiln at 180°C, with swinging system by a strong fulcrum mechanism and bearings in teflon, connected to two vertical poles that shares the same material of the girder. Provided with two tyres to plough in.

Assembled by zinc plated steel bolts 8.8 and self-locking nuts.

Nut covering elements in coloured nylon according to the standards.