Caracas Light Village

n°1 small tower with roof; n°1 climbing set; n°1 swing; n°1 climbing ladder; n°1 slide.
MEPA MEPA Product 0404LAP-SS
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Caracas Light Village for playground. Certificate in accordance with European Standards EN 1176 by ​​the German TÜV - SÜD.

Made of wood laminated pine timber autoclave with non-toxic salts.

Parts list:N°1 turret with wooden posts section 9 x 9 cm equipped with a four-pitch roof connected by wood paneling n°4 Profiles colorful, protective panels are assembled with wood paneling and a platform bottom colored profiles. Dim cm 120x120x395 h.N°1 climbing ladder with protective panels which act as a handrail made ​​of mahogany plywood okoumé grooved phenolic-glued and no edges. Treatment with potting colored non-toxic paint and finished with wax-based water-soluble. N°1 slide h. track 150 with stainless steel and bent plywood mahogany sides okoumé grooved phenolic-glued with rounded corners. Treatment with potting colored non-toxic paint and finished with wax-based water-soluble.As an alternative to steel slide can be mounted in a tunnel slide open or open in fiberglass or polyethylene. N°1 Swedish ladder with parallel bars made of Iroko Ø 45 mm. N°1 nylon rope rigging with internal steel cable coated in nylon locking nut and colorful.N°1 climbing rope, nylon rope with colored inner core coated steel cable.N°1 place to swing a seat with rubber bumper with internal aluminum profile and chain-mesh welded and hot-galvanized.Assembled by 8.8 galvanized steel bolts and nuts. Elements covernut under colored nylon. Attacks galvanized metal for anchoring to the ground.